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@Z22 and others - I have made yet another update and uploaded it to

This one seems to have fixed the thin fingers syndrome. I have also overcome the probem of truncating the images when the left and right versions would encroach on each others half of the screen. I now allow overlaps like this to happen where the encroaching image overlaps fully transparent pixels. This mainly affects table clips because the images are wider, previously the head or feet would simply be cut off when they strayed into the wrong side of the screen, now they not unless they would overlap a real part of the other image.

There are a couple more things I am thinking of eventualy doing, but not this week.

The first is to provide a way to short circuit the shader when it is operating on the large fully transparent region surrounding the image (there is little point in proccessing a large number of slices all of which are transparent) but I can't simply skip any transparent pixel because that would be inappropriate when it is within the image itself, e.g. between two fingers.

The second is to experiment with varying the thickness of each slice because the lowest level slices are shifted such small amounts that combining them into one "super slice" that is shifted rather further should give essentialy the same result and get it using fewer slices.