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December 1, 2017 (edited)
Thank God It's Friday and we are about to change your habits a bit!

As I explained in my previous post, in December, we'll release ONE new show every single day of the week. It means that from now on you will have One new show on Friday, then a new one on Saturday and a new one on Sunday.

So let's see what we have released - until now - this week ^_^

And now let me introduce you to our very first Advent Calendar!

Here is how it works :

Advent Calendar is available on Featured > Advent Calendar tab.

Buy the Advent Calendar today & Get:
  • ONE day in advance all the shows released daily till Dec. 24th
  • a UNIQUE & EXCLUSIVE show for FREE released on Dec. 25 ONLY for advent calendar owners!

Important notice :
  • If you buy it after having purchased some show released in December, then your price will be recalculated
  • You have till Dec. 23rd to buy this calendar!
  • The unique show of December 25 will never be released outside the calendar!
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December 1, 2017
This is so evil Kaiju... teasing us with an exclusive show if we buy it all... Well done ;)
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December 1, 2017

Is one of the unique cards one of the xmas cards?
Peneloppe or Niemira


Why offer the this till the 23rd when you have missed all the day before cards?
Or at that point is it just to get the free card
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December 1, 2017
I'm not so sure about this...

The price is the same as if buying individually, with no option to see the cards I get apart from making an educated guess on the Showroom and the only incentive would really be the surprise card (Probably Penelope, given her Christmas card is called "Santa's Surprise").
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December 1, 2017
Love it :D
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December 1, 2017 (edited)
I agree with @Alkayn you really have to look at the showroom and ask yourself if you like or think you might like all up and coming girls to really take a chance on getting all the new cards.

And it's two Niemira has one too "Tis The Season"

My quess is one is for the masses and the other is for this.
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December 1, 2017
Ironman, exactly - there's two cards incoming, but judging by their names, Penelope is the limited one.
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December 1, 2017
No thanks, Niemira is the only girl worth having for quite a while, from the looks of the studio previews.
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December 1, 2017
I've dived in!

First show in advance is Kristy Black - not a favourite - but it has downloaded and is fine. It does not yet show on the carousel (makes sense as an `advance' card) - but it does show in the Collection.

I guess comments and score will need to wait until it appears or ... maybe not! I can access the score/comment facilities through the Collection entry ...

I may be telling you something you already know - but, just in case - once the transaction is complete, you progress through a couple of screens, under the Advent Calendar tab. The final screen has 25 numbers NOT in numerical order. Find and presss `1'. Follow download steps through your Collection.

I will not know how this turns out, but seeing that I usually only pass on a card or two a month, it is `locking' me into my close-to-usual practice - give or take a card or two. Worth the gamble! In anticipation, thanks, Totem!

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December 1, 2017
Ok i get it now if you wait until the 23rd you have seen what's coming out for the month and you say to yourself "what the heck" get all the cards you missed plus get the bonus card.

It goes back to my ealier points as far as what you want to do.
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December 1, 2017
About question 2, this offer simply mean you buy ALL card at your REGULAR price, to have one bonus exclusive card, so this change nothing to buy the calender now, or on dec 23, it mean you buy ALL cards

I just check the calendar, and for me, it cost 360 credits (24 shows at my regular price of 15, plus one show free).
Your "offer" is to buy all 24 cards, to have one free exclusive, the special christmas card every virtuagirl/istripper members usually can buy since ever (not the greatest move for members).

With this calendar with regular price show, does this mean we won't have any rebate at all for the month?
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December 1, 2017
Only a fool buys ' a pig in a poke'

If I can't see it
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December 1, 2017
Let's see. Getting cards one day early means absolutely nothing to me.

So the benefit is to get one free special card if I buy 24 cards at the regular price.

Let's assume the "special" card is worth two regular shows....a rather big assumption. The chances there are two...probably more....regular shows that I would not purchase in the next 24 days are greater than 90%, probably close to 100% based on my purchase history.

Easy decision to PASS on this promotion.
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December 1, 2017 (edited)
these promos suck / unfair. i will never add random cards to my beautiful collection of girls
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December 1, 2017
Not gambling. Sorry.
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December 1, 2017
these promos suck / unfair. i will never add random cards to my beautiful collection of girls

I have to agree. I am doing this on a budget and already exceeded that. At current prices for my standing its $50 plus the few creds I have left over. I have 25 girls on my wishlist and will wait for a good deal on those before getting random. I'm sure all the girls are beautiful, but there are personal preferences for everything. I'm not putting out that kind of money to find that very few are XXX or have girls with huge fake tits or a bit of a tummy, which is a turn off for me.
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December 1, 2017
I don't buy the XXX collection cards so I can't do this calendar.
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December 1, 2017
I'm buying this since this will be as close as we get to having monthly subscriptions again for a while.
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December 1, 2017
Do we have to wait 24 hours to open the next card(s)?
I do hope more XXX cards come out, because i like to
hear the models talk to me like we are the only ones
in the room. I still hope to see Katya in a glass card:)
Hope she comes back and be able to do a Fansign.
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December 1, 2017 (edited)
So when i will buy calendar 23rd december I will get 2 unknown cards (1 for 24th december + A UNIQUE & EXCLUSIVE show for FREE) for reduced cost? Will I know how much cost will be reduced in that time?
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December 1, 2017
For me the calendar cost first 302.5 credits but now it has gone up to 330 credits so i am not sure if i will buy it.
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December 1, 2017
Not buying unless I know the cards.
Odds are I'll only like about half of them if I look at my buy history. This would make that one free card a very expensive one.
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December 1, 2017 (edited)
This is a deal how exactly?
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December 1, 2017
Nice game. I like the idea and hope that Totem will not ruin my x-mas with publishing cards of minor quality. The first is Kristy, and I like her for her wonderful fuckass. Would have bought her show for sure.
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December 1, 2017
Bad deal aside, I sure hope this won't take the place of every TGIF until Christmas...
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December 1, 2017
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December 1, 2017
This deal sucks. I buy the cards for the reduced price from the preview tab. So a card costs 12.10cr instead of 13.75cr for me.
The calendar costs 330cr = 13.75cr x 24. For me 24 cards cost 290.4cr. So the exclusive card must be worth 39.6cr, and no cards is worth that much.
So the only way is to wait until 23rd buy as much cards for 12.10cr and then buy the calendar to get the exclusive card.
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December 1, 2017
Guys you coud share with some picture 😊.
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December 1, 2017
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December 1, 2017
My question ist the following: i will not be able to open the calendar between the 21st and the 29th December. I surely hope that i will still get the cards when i come back home.

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