Our studio was on Fire (in the first meaning of the word)!

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19 days ago (edited)
Dear members,

This beginning of the week was for the least trying! We had to face a painful event :

A fire in our production studio!
(as you can see on the picture, it's a mess... and in case you're wondering, the floor is supposed to be white!)

Fortunatly, no one was hurt. However, this will impact our production flow in many ways.

1/ The studio will be closed for a while. There will be a lot of refurbishment work to do (no kidding!).

2/ We have a backup plan in place, i.e. a temporary studio where we can shoot models that should be all setup by the end of the next week!

3/ But we need time to rebuild a minimal dressing room (among others) , which is why we need to slow down the pace of new releases, from 7 to 5 per week (on Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

Be sure that we face this disaster with pragmatism and efficiency to get back our studio 100% operational (and maybe even better) as soon as possible!

Stay tuned, we'll keep you informed!
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18 days ago
1st off. Glad No One was hurt by the fire..

And wow, this is devastating. So sorry for everyone at the Studio.
and Yes, through the process of rebuilding, maybe something better can be made.

If I was closer, I'd volunteer some time to help.
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18 days ago
I m glad no one was hurt ... I will buy more cards to help you get back up to speed guys:)
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18 days ago
oh no.....
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18 days ago
Damn thats terrible :(. Glad no one got hurt tho, thats the important part.

Take your time!!
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18 days ago
Having been through a small fire myself I have knowledge of how upsetting they can be. I am happy for all of the Totem team that no one was hurt and wish you well during the reconstruction that now has to happen to repair the damage. Take your time and do it right, I am sure that the iStripper community will understand.
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18 days ago
Happy no one was hurt or killed.👍 👍 👍 👍
Take all the time you need. Be safe. Take Care.
You have my support. Please give us updates if you can.
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18 days ago
what a disaster! 😭
but luckily no one was hurt 👍
hope you get back on track asap!
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18 days ago
Really glad no one was hurt. That's the most important thing.
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18 days ago
Sad to hear what happend.
Like others before me said already,
Good to hear that No one was hurt.
Good luck with the rebuild.
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18 days ago
Spontaneous combustion from all the hot chicks in the studio?

Good that everyone escaped without harm.
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18 days ago
Damn. That's bad luck 😢

Fortunately, you had those few extra cards in the buffer so that members won't suffer withdrawal too much...

Let the PHOENIX rise even better than before!

Sorry for trying be humorous in this terrible situation but who was the last model in the studio? Was she THAT hot? 😈
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18 days ago
Effectivement, c'est une catastrophe pour le business, mais heureusement personne n'a été blessé et j'en suis très heureux pour l'équipe et le modèle qui était avec vous. J'espère que vous êtes bien assurés.

Pour la production de shows, pas de problèmes, je suis patient par nature (et je pense que beaucoup d'entre nous le sont aussi) donc faites ce qu'il faut pour retrouver un studio opérationnel et la suite viendra d'elle même.

Encore une fois, je suis avec vous par la pensée et je vous souhaite bon courage pour revenir bientôt. Comme dit l'adage : ce qui ne me tue pas me rend plus fort 😉
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18 days ago
@Chicky: You posted while I was typing! Great minds, huh?
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18 days ago
Ouch... glad no one got hurt!

Looks like the place need a major paint job. Maybe you can hire Marie to help cleaning the pipes 😎
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18 days ago
That's good that no one got hurt and that everyone is ok.
Take your time and it's find to just have less cards for the week.
I know everything will be back and running smooth after rebuild.
I'll pray for you guys, and I have all faith in the team.
You have my thoughts and prayers:)
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18 days ago
das istr sehr schade, hoffe das ihre alle inordung seit.
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18 days ago
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18 days ago
Property can be replaced, people can't.

It is a real shame but hopefully you can be back up and running on all cylinders in a few weeks.

Having had a problem before Christmas where I couldn't use iStripper at all for 3 weeks dropping new shows to 5 cards a week is no hardship for me. Even one per week for a while is better than nothing.

Good luck with getting it all up and running again. Biggest problem I'm guessing is going to be rescheduling some of the models.
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18 days ago (edited)
WOW so sorry to hear this. I assume it was simple faulty wiring for lighting or equipment from the photo. I hope the insurance companies are timely for you guys. Over here in the states this can be problems sometimes getting things done. Good luck and I sure hope no one was hurt or even there at the time.😕
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18 days ago (edited)
Oh that is terrible news. My prayers are with you all. Hope everyone was safeW Has there been an investigation on the cause of the fire.
As far as things to help making IStripper better.Nudity in the cards.
Why arent the cards explicit enough .Please quit hiding the human body. each girl is wonderful and very beautiful in their natural form. So please bring back the older look😪😉
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18 days ago
I am sorry to hear about the fire. I am glad that no one was hurt.
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18 days ago
so sorry to hear that. i'm glad nobody was hurt.
best wishes
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18 days ago
Glad nobody was hurt! and dont worry we undertand!
We 're all here with you!!!

Get better!!
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18 days ago
Sorry to hear. Take your time. Better good quality shootings than rubbish because of the need/wish/request to deliver releases!

Good luck with the rebuild.
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18 days ago
"Fortunatly, no one was hurt."

that is the only important!
good luck and best wishes.
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18 days ago
I am relieved to hear that no one was injured. I am very sorry to hear that the studio was on fire.

Best wishes and good luck with the rebuild.
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18 days ago
Wishing you guys well, good luck in the rebuild.
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18 days ago
Terrible news. Glad everyone is okay.

Now is the painful job of picking up the pieces and putting everything back together...
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18 days ago
Thank goodness no one was hurt. Things will get better!!!

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