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Blue Angel

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Joined in Feb 2012

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June 17, 2012
Blue Angel was one of the first women on this site to really grab my attention...I have since collected every one of her "cards", including her "DeskBabes" appearances. Her astonishing flexibilty and talent certainly make this particular card work exceptionally well...almost as though she's my own hot little ballerina!!! As far as I'm concerned, Blue Angel is the BEST to be found on VirtuaGirls or DeskBabes....She is the hottest lady I have ever seen!!! Every single one of her cards is outstanding...she just can't be beat!!!
Joined in Jan 2011

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July 30, 2011
Honestly, I wasn't sure this outfit was gonna work for me, but I should've known: always trust an Angel... especially THIS Angel! Blue Angel can make anything work! She's just that good!

As a performer, she's almost second to none! She's spontaneous and surprising, and like I've said before, you simply never know what she's gonna do next! But, one thing's for sure: It's always exciting! She's probably the most agile and limber girl on the site and she does the splits to prove it!

But she doesn't just show off her flexibility... she moves and dances with a seductive flair that so many girls just can't match, but they should take notes! All of her talents and "assets" are used to their fullest potential and she does it with a smile of confidence and ease.

I love Blue Angel, obviously, but there's no doubt this sexy ballerina will dance her way into your heart and stay there for a long, satisfying time! :)

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July 29, 2011
Blue Angel's style, grace and agility suit the theme of this card perfectly, and she looks great in the little black ballet dress. The pulled back hairstyle isn't a particularly attractive look for her though.

On the task-bar her performance was relatively slow and sensual, but with plenty of variety, agility and more than a little fun, playing the ballet theme in great style with her arm movements. Her usual charm and sex appeal were well in evidence as she made the transition to raw eroticism while she stripped. Unusually for Blue Angel there were no level 5 explicit clips, although she didn't disappoint at level 4.

Her pole dancing was measured and excellent in the non-acrobatic sense, with a variety of well-executed moves including splits both along the ground and while standing on one foot. She seemed to pick up some dirt off the floor in a few clips, but I understand this was actually fresh blue paint. In the standing clips she again played to the ballet theme, but although again graceful, sexy and agile, I've seen better from her.

Not her best show overall, but another very good, entertaining performance.
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