Aerobics Instructor by

Gina Devine

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Joined in Feb 2012

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June 9, 2013
Finally Gina makes her VGHD debut...I've admired her beauty on DeskBabes, waiting patiently for her to cross over to VGHD. With less distractions, I can really admire this lovely lady's exceptional beauty in this set. I would certainly like to see more of Gina on the VGHD site!
Joined in May 2008

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July 27, 2017
Gina is beautiful. Nice show. Sensual. Great for those who like tight bodies. Much better looking than photo. The downside is that the grainy video does detract from the show. Are these shot from a budget cellphone? She is a 5 and knows how to move.
Joined in Jul 2011

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July 28, 2013
I just dropped two credits on this card to keep my set up to date. That should tell you how much I enjoy this girls' shows. Gina is my new favorite and it's going to take a real pistol to knock her off the throne! Go Gina Go!
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