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Joined in Oct 2011

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July 27, 2013
Okay, normally I don't care much for models that are over 30... I have never made a secret, that I joined VG & DB for models that were my fantasy type women, but Elody, is one of the exceptions to my youthful fetish. I love the way she moves so sensually, the sparkle in her beautiful eyes & her slim body. Elody is the kind of woman that I would push by twenty somethings at the nightclub, to talk to. Everything about her, just works for me. I hope she signs on for many for cards on both sites!
Joined in Jan 2014

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March 6, 2015
Elody is a great girl. She has beautiful skin and an absolute charming face.In the interview she sais that she'd like to have bigger breasts as men do like this. Well, don't speak for me, honey, I love you as you are.And I mean what I say: her body is absolute perfect, it could be less thin, the breasts could be bigger, but they don't need by any way as she is a real beauty.However, in her performance she doesn't show any of this self-doubts. Instead she shows us a great, self confident and really sexy performance with the -on VirtuaGirl- quite rare MILF attitude.This show is quite the most natural one of hers (speaking of decent make up and not that explicit outfit) and maybe not the most explicit one (by ammount of fullnudity clips, she touches her pussycat anyway). Those who like more explicit clips might actually rather go for her "Jaguar Spirit" show. But those, who like a real natural performance of a sweet and older girl will absolutely fall in love with this card as I did.
Joined in Feb 2014

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January 21, 2015
oh, ms elody . . . what a lovely young lady you are! And, you seem to be so sneaky, too . . . would love for you to sneak up on me. And the way you throw those panties around . . . if I had three wishes, the first would be that you would throw those panties at me, the second would be that you would throw those panties at me, and the third would be that you would throw those panties at me . . . YOU MIGHT NOT GET THEM BACK!

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