Downtown Stroll by

Billie Star

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Joined in Jun 2011

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April 25, 2014
Cette nana est des plus sexy avec un putain de corps qui fait bander. La minijupe

noire fendue, tendue un max avec le string qui va bien, plus un haut rose!

Bravo Totem.

Je ne l'imagine pas un instant sans ses faux-seins qui lui vont très bien.

Et coté sexe c'est juste un appel à la baise...
Joined in Mar 2014

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April 27, 2014
She is clearly not my type of a girl ... fake tits .. tatoos .. black underwear (i like other colors) .. pussy is not the kind i like because lips are too big ...

BUT after watching 3 clips i realised that this girl took my heart ... BILLIE STAR i LOVE YOU!!! Damn she is so sexy ... so far i am feeling she is the sexiest girl of all VGHD ... her pole performance is a clear 10! is she a pro stripper? Her legs .. well i love her legs !! I love the way she is showing them to me! And when she is touching her pussy (though she is a bit overplaying with it) she is just fantastic! And damn she is so good slutty!! (spoiler ahead) .. there is a moment she is putting her finger into her mouth and it is going in like a p....s .. she is pretending its THAT THING .. you will see!! its awesome .. (i hope i really saw it .. or i just went crazy looking at her?) Damn i really love ALL she is doing ... also totem i like the way some of new girls are doing stuff!! good job!! Billie Star i LOVE YOU!
Joined in Nov 2007

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November 28, 2016
I've become a fan of Billy Star...I enjoyed her photos,videos as well as her performance.I also like the outfit and her accessory(the hand bag).Though our sexual preferences are not exactly the same I would not mind having her as a friend.Her implants were done well enough but I could make it out in the show.Billie's tatoo is pleasing to behold...Her sexy Ass is outstanding by me and I may not be into toys but that clip was ok.Thanks and God be Praised!...I'll keep you Billie Star as with ALL my other friends close to my Heart,and thanks again for bearing it ALL for us. A Downtown Stroll is very much in order.
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