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Joined in Nov 2016

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November 26, 2016
I wish we could vote 4.75 stars or something. She's more than a 4.5, but I think too skinny for a 5.0 (for me, anyway). That said she's beautiful, sexy, athletic, can really dance and is very flexible.

Her cards are an automatic purchase for me, just for the performance alone. She also has incredibly beautiful eyes.
Joined in Oct 2013

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November 9, 2015
Foxy is a natural beauty in a wonderful realistic outfit with flawless face and body, giving a perfect show with great moves and no sign of naked feet. I LOVE this girl!!!
Joined in Jun 2011

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October 28, 2015
Cette nana est magique dans cette tenue, ca brille de partout et c est super sexy avec ce putain de short !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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