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Foxxi Black

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Joined in Mar 2011

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September 29, 2017
After three other foxes (Tiffany Fox, The Red Fox and Foxy the pole specialist) Foxxi Black is the fourth fox here.

I had never seen a black fox before Foxxi, but her well chosen disguise (black lingerie) make me believe they exist.

Foxxi is a very attractive young lady with medium sized breasts and a fine ass.

Although not a specialist dancer, she moves well.

In this show there are 2 pole, 2 swing, 2 behind taskbar, 5 on taskbar and 7 standing clips.

Her tattoo - a kind of lotusflower - did’t annoy me. It’s not very distracting.

There are several squattings (clip 9 and 18), which I really liked.

In the on taskbar clips Foxxi doesn’t forget to give her beautiful pussy some attention.

A very good debutcard of Foxxi.
Joined in Jun 2012

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September 30, 2017
Standing Clips: 2/5

Stays in heels the whole time, which is good because she doesn't waste time taking them off, but bad because she can't move in them. Pretty much just a sway card with light foot movement.

Table Clips: 2.5/5

She is best as an old deskbabes girl because she has a very plentiful labia and is pretty experienced at showing of in a reverse cowgirl position. she is not flexible and does not move quickly enough to provide a diversity of moves

Pole Clips: 2/5

She only has two clips, she does ONE twirl and that is it... no vertical dips, boob job, licking pole....she didn't seem uncomfotable but was not skilled and did not take chances.

Summary: I like girls who attempt to make a good card even if it isn't perfect, Foxxi played it safe and was overall very boring. I find her attractive with a little trim, sexy thigh tattoo, and large breasts. But she is boring, not a bad actor but just really a non-actor. She has very pretty long legs but she moves stiff because of this, and it limits her movement. She also moves slowly which means the card appears to be low on content but is a repeat of moves card after card. If you find her attractive I would buy one card and call it good, she doesn't seem to have a high ceiling.
Joined in Apr 2015

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September 29, 2017
Yeah, she hits the sweet spots. Also probably good to catch her before the metamorphosis of that tattoo.
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