Blue Skies by

Foxxi Black

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October 23, 2017
More than 1,5 years ago the last card with a flight attendant: Ashley Lane - Milehigh Hottie.

Too long ago! But the shrewd fox Foxxi changed into a stewardess.

She wears the same uniform, but in a different colour as Vanda Lust in Take Off (great card!).

I like this outfit with the open, blue uniform, matching panties, cap and tie and the blue shoes with coloured heels.

And of course I like Eastern Europe beauty Foxxi: her face, hair and body with a little belly. The tattoo is not distracting.

Nearly automatically my attention was drawn by the sideways moving landing strip. So also here we stay in the airplane atmosphere.

Quite some breastplaying, pussy touching and playing with (big) lips in this show.

Like nearly all models not being a poledancer, Foxxi made nevertheless an interesting performance also using her tie.

The high heels stay on during the whole show.

Starting Full Nude (with heels on): 6, 9, 12 and 14.

Total 16 clips: Standing 6, Pole 2, Behind Taskbar 3 and On Taskbar 5.

This show has been titled Blue Skies, but it could also have been Fly Translove Airways!
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October 23, 2017
I love the new blue outfits all around now, and then put Foxxi in it... win
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12 days ago
Foxxi is superbly sultry and gives a great performance, but why do Totem persist in using such unrealistic "uniforms" when something closer the real thing would be so much sexier. In this case there is some amelioration because the costume does feature a series of fastenings meaning that time can be taken when undoing them thereby greatly enhancing the tease factor.
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