Working Late by

Foxxi Black

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Joined in Aug 2013

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January 21
I downloaded this show and `scored' it. just before it appeared on the carousel - when it only showed in the `Girls Store'. BUT, as one of Foxxi's best cards, I came back to express my absolute delight in this show. I went from unsure, way back at Foxxi's first card, to `do not hesitate, get it NOW!' Of course I have them all and would not part with any! So glad she is back for Take 2. Love the glasses! She is so sexy anyway, it is really hard to believe that they actually make her sexier!!! Wow!
Joined in Nov 2010

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January 21
Foxxi does an excellent show and her body is perfect for this type of act. As @bommel said, the outfit is exceptionally well chosen - lots to play with and the underwear is a great contrast to the shirt and skirt. The glasses look great, but one wonders if that shirt is a bit too full of Foxxi to be practicable!
Joined in Aug 2008

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January 21
Glasses...Sexy... 5.
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