Stolen Heart by

Foxxi Black

 4.56 (136 votes)

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November 21, 2017
The more I see Foxxi Black, the more I like her natural cute persona.

Love the subtle restlessness in her hips as she sits & that landing strip.

Gorgeous sustained frontal leg spreads & steady handiwork at her own pace

make this card by Foxxi a real winner.5+^30.
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January 23
Well, only 2 XXX clips out of 13. Together they were over 10 minutes so that isn't too bad. Foxxi made the most of the time. In both clips she came out completely nude and didn't waste time taking off her clothes.

Of the other clips there were two clips with glass.
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January 5
Foxxi may have stolen some herts, but I'm sure she has broken many more!
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